Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wee little book

So, the wee little book is up and available for sale. Small hiccup when I uploaded the wrong file - I uploaded the one without the pics - but it's all a learning experience right? Anyway, it's done and ready for sale now, so go buy it! It's short so it's a quick read and it's .99c so it's a cheap quick read designed only to entertain.

I'm pretty happy I've learned how to convert a book from Word to Ebook format. I have been toying with releasing Zora's Dawn through Amazon instead of trying to find a publisher but I'm not sure if that's the way to go or not. This little book is my advance scout. If there are no sales then I'll go with a publisher. If it sells well I'll have to give it a rethink.

I have decided in any case to write a prequel for Zora's Dawn. It will explain things that happened in her childhood that caused events discussed in the book. It will be short also, and it will be free on Amazon and a few other useful web pages. It means more work for me, but I'm quite keen to write it as while I've been writing Zora's Dawn events from Zora's childhood have been popping into my head. Sometimes when I'm writing about her present day happenings, there is a second script running in my head about her childhood happenings. My mind is a strange place, enter at your own risk :)

In other news, yesterday was Gamer Son's birthday. He got a new game (from a more affluent family member than me!) and I took him to a stationary shop where he stocked up on watercolour pencils, watercolour graphite pencils, a drawing pad and various other bits and bods. When he's not playing games and reluctantly doing school work Gamer Son likes to draw manga figures. Last night we went to dinner which was a nice change. We don't go out very often so we do appreciate it when we can.

Today it's back to work on Zora's Dawn, gettting the last two chapters done and then it's the dreaded task of editing and writing the synopsis and query letter. Oh joy, this is the hard part. Writing comes easily for me, cutting an entire book down to first a single sentence, then a single paragraph and finally a one page or three page synopsis depending on the requirements from individual agents - ugh. It's like going to the dentist without any anaesthetic. Or for me, just going to the dentist (bit of a phobia there, along the lines of I faint at the dentist). Editing is painful too. Basic editing is just checking grammar and spelling and cutting unnecessary words. But it also includes cutting entire sections that don't work or are too wordy. That's where I suck because I wrote those words, I don't want to kill them off!

So today's blog, no theme, no point really. It's simply to give you the link to the wee little book and then to ramble on about what I need to do! The only theme I can offer is go buy my book! Buy both of them actually, support your local writer :) Here's the link to the first one while I'm at it...

Now to pics, not so many today:

Retro Pub, where we had dinner

Self explanatory I think :)

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