Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Free free free!!

I said I'd come back and tell you once the werewolf books are up and free didn't I? I should have done that yesterday, got completely distracted with my adult colouring book project - more on that later.

Ok well both books, the short read prequel and the full length book one are now available through amazon and are free for the next few days - and pretty cheap after that too :)

I'll post the links here now: Zora's Dawn The Prequel

Zora's Dawn Book One: Zora's Dawn

So that's them, and I'm about to start work on book two in the series.

Now back to the adult colouring book. I've decided to design one using the designs in my drawings and making some more up as I go. I'm not sure yet how detailed to make them - I'm leaning towards having some pages highly detailed and some simpler, and mixing in some of the mosiac designs as well. I'll post some pics of the designs as I come up with them. It's going to be a bit of a long process, it takes a lot of time making my drawings and I'll need to be writing as well. But I'm hoping for a time frame of a couple of months to get it ready.

My last word is for all of you who live in the northern hemisphere where summer is coming and who have street cats or dogs around you (or feral or wild or however they are named in your area). Here where I am the weather has turned extremely hot. I am in apartment that catches all the sea breezes, and I have fans, and when it gets too hot I have aircon. The street animals (and indeed some of the people) don't have any of that. So give them drinking water. Just cut the bottom off a large water bottle or any sort of large (clean) bottle and fill it with water daily. Place it in the shade if possible to stop evaporation and also to keep the water a bit cooler for them to drink. They will thank you for it and you will have helped them survive the heat.

The same goes for people of course. If you live near folk who might be struggling with the heat drop by and see how they're doing. They might need a helping hand and are too proud to ask. It doesn't hurt to ask and you may help a person who can't help him or herself. Help the animals and people around you and you'll be helping yourself as well.

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