Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day eleven, life in Stressville

Day eleven: Today my mind is so full of what I need to do to try to promote Letters that I have little space for anything else. And what little space I have is filled with worrying about the future and about getting the next book in the Zora series finished and edited on time. This because in Zora’s Dawn I promised readers that the next book would be released in September, thus giving me a deadline.

It’s on days like this that I wish meditation worked for me. Maybe if I had persisted I would be able meditate properly now. Or perhaps I should have continued with yoga, just doing it from a website when I was no longer able to go to classes. I enjoyed yoga, the stretching and exercise part of it. I wasn’t even close to the serenity you’re supposed to achieve. Perhaps that comes with time and patience. Maybe if I actually chose a yoga website and incorporated it into my daily routine I too would be achieving serenity. Incorporating the yoga I mean, not the website, although one does follow the other.

It’s pretty disheartening really, to be back here in Stressville. I don’t like Stressville, it’s too small, too constricting, too dark. I liked Peaceville, even though I lived in Penury suburb. Still it was light and airy, full of possibilities. Hopefully I will be able soon to go back to Penury suburb, and perhaps even move to Slightly Better Off Lane. That lane has nice trees full of juicy Potential fruit.

In the meantime I’m trying to put a positive slant on my current position. There are positives, I just have to not allow the negatives to overwhelm me. I’m sure it’s just a twist in my journey – a detour taking me to a necessary event or place on my way.

Anyway, today I will be searching out Amazon reviewers to request a review. I need to get Letters seen, and since I can’t afford a promotor I have to do what I can myself. There are Amazon reviewers who have their own blogs and put their reviews on it. So if I can get good reviews from a few of them it will improve the visibility of the book. Amazon is such a huge site, I know I get overwhelmed by choice when I go on there looking for a new read so it makes sense to be an objective of readers instead of a random discovery.

I’ve been meaning to do this for a few days now and haven’t because the internet is so bad this past week that I haven’t been able to do a proper search. It’s enormously frustrating but I’m hoping that today I will be able to get it done. I have had some lovely feedback in the meantime from members of my writing group which has been so wonderful to read. I also had an email yesterday from Amazon asking me if I wanted to send a message to my followers about Letters. I didn’t even know I had followers so that was a shining moment!

Thinking about that I have realized that those followers are probably waiting for news about Zora’s Light, which has reminded me that I need to get on with that. But priorities – if Letters sells well almost all of my current stresses will evaporate. I’ll be able to move to Can Pay The Bills Street, which joins Slightly Better Off Lane and has brighter lights.

It’s a short blog today, since I have this research to do and an uncertain internet connection. I'll write more tomorrow, one of the random blog post topics maybe. See you then.

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