Friday, April 22, 2016


Apologies to all of you who are waiting on the next Zora instalment, it's going to be late this week - like two instalments next week late!

I had a disaster, the hard drive on my laptop crashed and died, beyond recovery. I was lazy, and hadn't backed up for a long time and so I've lost a lot of work, including the next few Zora instalments and over 30 000 words on my current novel. That hurts, a lot. So it's taken me a while to regroup but I'm back now.

Zora will be back next Monday, with another instalment later in the week to make up for the missed one this week.

In the meantime, Cassie is now live in Amazon. She's had a bit of a rewrite to make it book format rather than a series of episodes, and there is some extra material in it as well, so go take a look. The link is here:

I am back in the groove after my mind went numb at the news of my hard drive. It's hard to take, the loss of so much work. But, it was my own fault, I should have been backing up all along. I am now!

Take a look at Cassie, I'm proud of how the book turned out, and I promise, two episodes of Zora next week!

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