Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cassie's world, a visual

Today I thought I would give you some visuals, to give you an idea of the world Cassie lives in. It’s easy for me, I have the pictures in my head and of course they are fictional places. But they are based on real ones, so I decided to find a few photos to share with you. The house Cassie lives in however, is an amalgamation of several houses I’ve lived in or seen, with added features I’ve always wanted, and I had no luck finding anything close to my imagination, not even a pond with a watering can water feature. Guess I’m going to have to design one of those. This pic is the closest I could find, but in my imagination the pond was smaller, and the watering can set up higher. Also a different type of watering can:

In Letters To Myself Cassie is living in the house she bought with her husband to begin with. I talked there about the sun rising over the ocean and setting over the mountains, which caused quite a few people to contact me and ask me where it was. The town Cassie lives in does not even have a name in my imagination, but it does have a blend of characteristics of Mackay in North Queensland, Australia, and Seaforth which is a village a bit further north. I’ve found photos of the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean, and sunset over the mountains:

Also in Letters To Myself, Cassie and her family go to stay for a short time in the mountains. These are the mountains I had in my mind while I wrote that part. This is the Clarke Mountain Range:

In the series I’m writing every Monday Cassie is now living in her new house, which overlooks the bushland. This is a photo of mine, which I took at my old house. It didn’t overlook the bush, but this sort of thing was in my head when I described what Cassie saw on her first morning in the house:

I’ve collected a few other photos, some from Mackay and some from Seaforth, to try to give an idea of where Cassie lives and where she drives her mobile coffee van.The first two are at Seaforth and the last two are Mackay:

The idea here is to give you some mental pictures when you read Cassie’s story. Whenever I can I’ll find photos that go with the scene I post every Monday. I’m enjoying writing this little story, I had only a vague idea of what would happen with Cassie and her friends in the time frame between books so I’m having fun making it come to life.

If you read the blog about all the creatures that want to kill you in Australia, specifically in the part where I used to live - Cassie's world - perhaps these pictures will be more enjoyable for you. It is a beautiful part of the world, even with the murderous creatures that share it.

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